Index of All Blogs By Topic



Your money on Autopilot (April 2021)


Embedded Lending (September 2020)

21st Century Lending (March 2021)


Technology and Financial Inclusion, Wagestream as a Case Study (June 2019)

Of Tsunamis and Tech: How Wagestream Responded (June 2020)

The Rise of the Workplace Bank (July 2020)


Digitization, Automation, and the Hierarchy of Human Needs (June 2021)

Fidel API:

Dumb Pipes, Smart Plumbers, and the API-fication of Data (November 2019)

Data Privacy and the Meaning of the Universe (December 2019)


Accountants vs. Robots (October 2019)

Leave No Business Behind – Capitalise’s COVID Response (September 2020)


Plug and Play Finance (Business Age, July 2022)



21st Century Lending (March 2021)

Dissecting a Bank and the Ghost of 2008 (January 2020)

Your Money Does Not Exist (February 2020)

It is Time for Helicopter Money (March 2020)

Numerical Context on the Proposed Fiscal Stimulus (March 2020)

The Rise of the Workplace Bank (July 2020)

Embedded Lending (September 2020)

This Time It’s Different – Or Is It? (September 2020)

To Lend or Not to Lend (October 2020)

Trusting the “Fin” vs. the “Tech” in Fintech (July 2021)

When is BNPL Not BNPL (June 2022)


Why QED chose to invest in London (September 2019)

Building the Unbuildable (October 2020)

Cascading Failures and the Importance of Diversity (March 2021)

Good Growth and Bad Growth (June 2021)

2021: A Cyberspace Odyssey – 2021 Review (December 2021)

Five Fintech Predictions for 2022 (December 2021)

More the Wars and COVID, Founders Worry about the War for Talent (February 2022)


Plug and Play Finance (Business Age, July 2022)

Interview with Yusuf Ozdalga (Financial IT, June 2022)

What will the Bank of the Metaverse Look Like? (Alt Fi, June 2022)

The Best Entrepreneurs are like Rocky (Silicon Republic, June 2022)

How to Change Your Elevator Pitch When the Elevator is Going Down (Alt Fi, May 2022)

Fintech Review with Jemima Kelly (FT Alphaville) and Yusuf Ozdalga (CSFI YouTube Video March, 2021)

Ratatouille and the Art of Being a VC (Finance Digest, 2021)

What it Takes to Succeed In Early Stage Investment (London Fintech Podcast, 2021)

How to Access Venture Capital (FT Advisor, June 2021)

How to Fund the Creator Economy (Podcast with Influencer Marketing Lab, June 2021)

Mental Health Challenges in Early Stage VC (Podcast, 2021)

Fintechs are from Venus, Banks are from Mars (Fintech Futures, December 2021)

Why QED Chose to Invest In GetGround (Wealth Tribune, September 2021)

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